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The primary purpose of the Champions League Volleyball Project is to change the way players and teams are developed and prepared for competition. 


The CLVP is not meant to replace the current junior volleyball competition model; the CLVP allows member clubs to spend far less money than standard tournaments require, and eliminates the scenario of playing on sport court that sits on top of concrete.


All off this money and travel results only in hoping a college coach will walk by your court and be impressed with the level of play.  What is different about the CLVP formatting vs. a normal junior volleyball tournament?

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Our Trademarks

Accelerating the growth of every player and team


More Match Reps

Only two teams per court for 2.5-3 hours each session! This provides every player far more match play reps in a single session than they would normally get in an entire weekend of tournament play.


Significant Playing Time

Every player in club volleyball is paying money to play to improve her or his skills. The CLVP format allows all players to see significant playing time every time they participate in a CLVP weekend event. This allows teams to develop at a much faster pace and allows all players to feel they are a valuable and integral part of team


Highly Competitive Situations

Situational Training:  During a CLVP weekend, teams will not just be playing against each other, but they will also be placed in highly competitive situations where players and teams are under high levels of stress while attempting to win a drill, a set or a match.


Non-Traditional Match Play

“Non-Traditional” scoring for match play: Unlike a normal tournament, the CLVP uses a wide variety of scoring games in place of just the traditional 2/3 match play. This is done to create greater pressure on teams, allow each team to play a wider variety of opponents by playing matches that are not as long, and teams must win in a shorter period of time with fewer mistakes.

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