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About Us

The goal of this initiative is to create a more player-friendly and cost-effective training and competition model for junior volleyball clubs. The initiative will provide an alternative path to foster growth and development among participating clubs.



The CLVP involves multiple junior volleyball clubs working together. This cooperative effort is a collaborative approach to addressing common issues in the sport. 


One of the objectives of the project is to enhence the efficiency of the training and the current competition model. This involves streamlining the processes, reducing the bureaucracy, and optimizing resources to benefit both clubs and players.


The CLVP emphasizes creating a more player-friendly environment. This includes focusing on the well-being of the athletes, providing better opportunities for skill development, and reducing the burden of travel or competition schedules.


The CLVP aims to reduce costs associated with training and competitions. This benefits both clubs and players by making participation more accessible and sustainable.


The project seeks to find a different path or approach in contrast to the current model. This requires the willingness to innovate and challenge and status quo that currently dominates junior volleyball.


The CLVP aims to help each partner club grow together and is committed to collective progress and mutual support among all CLVP member clubs.


The CLVP event format features high rep and high intensity situational training as well as match play type competition with only two teams per court, per session. This format benefits both teams and players by allowing far more overall reps per session. Allow non-starters to receive significant playing time and starters to get plenty of rest throughout the course of a session as well as a weekend. Most importantly, the CLVP format allows college coaches to observe all players in far more match situations than they would ever see in the traditional tournament format where 3 hours of match play takes 6-8 hours to complete.
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