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8 Hours of CLVP Tier 1

Equivalent to 12-14 Matches

Balanced Competition

Accelerated Growth for Players and Teams 


Component, Situational and Match Play


The CLVP Tier I events are geared toward “Open, Premier and High Club” level teams. A Tier I weekend is made up of 8 hours of intense component, situational and game play. Teams & Players receive far more reps in all areas of play than what occurs in normal tournament play.

December Focus

The December 9-10 “Pre-Season Prep” Tier I event will be specifically geared toward preparing players and teams for the upcoming club season.  It will combine a great deal of player development in game like situations along with intense 6 v 6 team play focusing on various situations that occur during match play such as 1st ball kill, out of system scoring, combining 1st tempo and back-row attack, winning long rallies, as well as highly intense match play in short bursts to create the highest level of intensity. The December Tier I event will allow every player and every team to be fully involved in all aspects of preparation for the entire weekend.

June Focus

The June 1-2 “Pre-National Championship” Tier I event will be focusing on preparing all teams for a June National Championship. Session I (2.5 hours) will be geared towards 6 v 6 repetitive play in various match situations. This session will be very high rep with all players receiving significant playing time and match play reps.  Sessions 2 & 3 will be used to play out the CLVP Pre-National Championship Tournament. Teams will play in divisions based on strength NOT age over these two sessions to crown division winners and an overall 2024 CLVP Champion.


Legacy Courts

1850 General George Patton Dr, Franklin, TN 37067

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JUNE 1-2, TIER 1

Legacy Courts

1850 General George Patton Dr, Franklin, TN 37067

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